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Marx Reissues

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Vintage Louis Marx Tin Litho Wind-up toys to include The Moon Creature(Slow Moving but Functional), Chompy the Beetle and The Ladybug.

Bring it to Dr. Louis Marx was a master of the toy world. The Marx Merry Makers mouse band was arguably the most popular lithographed tin wind-up toy ever made by the Louis Marx Company. Originally marketed in , the Marx Merry Makers band sold for 91 cents. The original box shows printed directions for assembly of the metal band and its characters. The Marx Merry Makers band was group of four mice playing as a band.

Fun with Original Marx Trains

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. Tin plate car , Gangbusters clockwork coupe, Marx circa s. Tin plate car, Marx s , Police Department clockwork coupe Show 2 more like this. Tin plate car , Marx circa s reversible clockwork tin coupe Show 2 more like this.

With wind up mechanism, Mickey mouse playing the xylophone.

design as an earlier, s, Flash Gordon toy gun also produced by Marx. Brassiere Designer: Cadolle (French, founded Date: Culture: French Medium.

And he was the best thing because he would teach while he was trying to sell you something. And he came across these and he called me up and said, “I think I’ve got something you might like. And what did you pay for them? Oh, okay. Well, these are made by Louis Marx, and of course they were one of the great tin toy makers of the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s and into the ’50s. And they were famous for their beautifully lithographed tin. And Marx was great for decorating the boxes so that the kid or the parent would see it and just like the box.

And that would be a major advertisement for the piece. This was just a lovely little set that came out in the ’20s and well into the ’30s. Basically two sets here, you have the newlywed rooms– the kitchen, the library, and over there, the dining room. And then they had another series that were these little Main Street stores. And I think there might have been about ten in each series.

Old Marx Co. wind-up toy spins from 85 cents to $150

Louis Marx and Company was an American toy manufacturer in business from to Its products were often imprinted with the slogan, “One of the many Marx toys, have you all of them? As the X sometimes goes unseen, Marx toys were, and are still today, often misidentified as “Mar” toys. Reputedly, because of this name confusion, the Italian diecast toy company Martoys , after two years of production, changed its name to Bburago in

MARX was truly a leader in the toy industry. SOME QUICK NOTES ABOUT LOUIS MARX. FORMAL TYPE-BUSINESS MAKING TOYS. Subscribe.

Louis Marx, world traveler and inventor struggles to build his company from renting toy factories to building them internationally with his brother Dave at the height of the ‘s as they seek the “red hot hit” –that toy which is so popular it sells in millionaire-making numbers climaxing with their greatest hits, the Marx Playset. It’s exciting text and rare images as Louis Marx, merry son of a poor immigrant tailor, claws his way to the top of a crowded toy world by inventing toy after toy and hiring — through intuition and luck — exactly the right men at precisely the right time to deliver what every toy firm needs, the “red hot hit.

It is profusely illustrated and features the newly discovered, never before published scrapbooks of Louis Marx himself. This “inside-the-halls-of-Marx” story is the bountiful, definitive reference book on the Marx company and the beginning of playsets impeccably researched and written by Rusty Kern, publisher of Playset Magazine, America’s only source of information on vintage playsets and plastic figures.

It is not a picture book on playsets, although playsets and toys are shown. Stay up to date by clicking your way to: www. Read more Read less. Shop now. Tell the Publisher! Customer reviews. How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.

Marx Toys / Mar Toys (USA), toys and models from 1920s-1970s

Q: I have a tin wind-up car. It says “old jalopy” on the hood. How old is my toy and how much is it worth? If you look closely, you will find an “X” running through the center of the circle. This is the “X” in Marx. Louis and David Marx of Erie founded the company in

Lot of 20 Vintage MARX Play Set Plastic 2″ Toy KNIGHT Figures w/ 2 Horses EX VF/XF Details, Full Date, Pcs DYED PEACOCK SWORDS – TURQUOISE.

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Our policy is to NOT address questions regarding value. So How Can You Determine Value The only way to determine the “current” value of an item is to see that item “currently” sell. When the museum gets a new item Marx or non-Marx and we want to get an estimate of its value, we look for similar items which may have recently sold. A great source is Ebay. The Official Marx Toy Museum receives dozens of emails each day requesting information, parts lists, years of production, photos to be taken, restoration, and value questions.

At this time, we are unable to address these questions to the extent which we would like to The information we may respond with is limited to our own personal experiences, as the actual Marx company files, those few which actually exist, and even fewer which are in our possession, are certainly very difficult to sort through in any reasonable amount of time and often time, very limited in the information which they provide.

Keep in mind, these are TOYS from the ‘s through the ‘s.

Play set:Johnny Tremain Revolutionary War Play Set

Preserving Toy History. Ideal’s Battle Action. Toy Company Catalogs. Marx Toy Production Dates. David Winslow, Kenner and Care Bears. Marx Action Figures.

Toys & Hobbies TV & Movie Character Toys Vintage Marx toys Hunchback of Notre Dame in Marx toys Hunchback of Notre Dame in very good condition Vintage. Date first listed on: October 6, can protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

The distributors-turned-toymakers had delivered delightful playthings to the hands of American children. Toys such as the tin, mechanical Zippo the Climbing Monkey were must-haves for kids. Marx Toys proved to be so successful, the company was Great Depression—proof. In fact, Marx saw its revenues go up during the devastating economic downturn. By , the last Marx factory had closed. Marx was history, eight years after being sold to the Quaker Oats Company.

The electronic age had been the downfall of Marx, the king of the plastic age. Like Mr. The New York—based firm had plastic molds for cars, soldiers, robots and miniature furniture. Marx churned out plastic tricycles, plastic dolls, plastic figurines. Most likely, one of these Marx wonders filled your toy chest. Girard, Pennsylvania, was the Motor City for toddlers. The Marx factory in that Lake Erie town manufactured thousands upon thousands of Big Wheels in the s.

Big Shot Cannon by Marx: Vintage Toys & Games for Christmas