Видео: Short Stack and 20bb CAP NoteCaddy HUD!

Notecaddy for MTT, Tournament Poker

http://notecaddyplus.proboards.com/index.cgi Beat the regs at Poker using NotecaddyPlus.

I Like To Short Stack

Our OPUS to ShortStacking and a Lovesong to its HATERS....

NoteCaddy Edge in Action Part1

NoteCaddy Edge in Action at the tables! This is part 1 of a multi-part series by Nostrakhan and Goat.

24 Tables Cap Poker

Very boring video. Just to add to a website. I wouldn't bother watching this.

A Day In The Life Of A Short Stacker: Part 1

http://www.automaticpoker.com/ http://www.automaticpoker.com/blog.html ...

PedroKL No Limit Hold'em Strategy Coaching For $600nl and $1000 on Pokerstars

PokerVIP Coach Pedro Pellicer plays $3/6 and $5/10 NLHE CAP on Pokerstars. Coaching: ...

Notecaddy Evo full package demonstration by cardrunners pro 0utsplay

NotecaddyEvo full package demonstration by cardrunners pro 0utsplay. http://www.notecaddyevo.com/ ...

This week i learned the most

This week i learned the most since i started CFP 6 months ago! music downloaded from here ...

#1 Cash NL2 Fast 6max on 888 poker with Bachinski [20bb/100, 214 hands]

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/bachinski.

"Out Of Range" CASH 5-10+ CAP

Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

Weekly update 10-16 November

BLOG ◅◅◅ Visit my bpc blog here: http://goo.gl/O2AHkw My blog in Slovenian: http://goo.gl/kQDJmI ▻▻▻ ELITE POKER ...

Strategadelpoker - Day 3 - MTT 0,50 euro 15 Max - Scalata da 0 a 1000 euro

Day 3 1 token 0,50 euro utilizzato MTT 0,50 euro 15 Max ITM = 2° su 15 Guadagno = 1,50 euro Altri Tornei Freeroll giocati ...

MelowYellow playing 6max

Short vid of 24 tabling 6max Cap.

Poker Strategy 2 short stack all in shoving in HD

Poker strategy video to demonstrate shoving all in with charts on www.pokershove.com.

Poker Pokerstars CAP 1

Видео без озвучки, увы пока не разобрался с тем как накладывать звук, включите свою любимую музыку и прежде...

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